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Our Products


Immediate Or Cancel ( IOC ) Order Based Trading System

Dedicated Index Only and Stock Only IOC servers. 

2 Leg, 3 Leg and 4 Leg IOC Strategies 

  • BTFY

  • Conversion Reversal

  • Future Calendar Spread

  • 2 / 3 / 4 Leg Generic Option Spreads

  • Box


Quoting ( Bidding ) Based Trading System

Dedicated Index Only servers.

3 Leg and 4 Leg Quoting Strategies


  • Modified QBTFY ( 1:3:2 / 1:4:3 )

  • Conversion Reversal

  • Jelly

  • Box


IV Quoting Based Trading System

Dedicated Stock Only servers.

Single leg quoting in stock Calls and Puts with equity hedge.

  • Normal IV

  • In-the-Money


Medium Frequency Trading System ( MFT )

  • API Mode

    • Single security

    • Basket ​

    • Multi security

  • UI Mode

    • Single security

    • Basket​

  • Support for all TA Lib Indicators like RSI, MACD, ADX etc.

  • Prop time-normalized IV of all stocks 

  • Order sizing based on Notional, Lots and Greeks

  • Order slicing for large quantities using proprietary algorithms (3).gif


  • Seamless market data flow into Excel with Zero Time lag

  • Excel stays lightweight by virtue of low CPU utilization

  • Formula based data streaming and yes formula can be changed on the fly!

  • Support thousands of securities at the same time

  • Integrated with our primary software and allow the flow of real-time risk data into excel to let traders perform advanced analytics

Price Chart.PNG

Price Charts

  • OHCLV Charts / Heiken Ashi Charts

  • All time frames from 1 min and above

  • TA Lib and Custom In-house indicators 

  • Trade Annotations


Basket Trader

  • Custom multi security baskets configured through UI.

  • Execution through Market orders or quoting based Best Algo

  • Order slicing for large quantities using proprietary algorithms (2).gif

Live Analytics

  • IRIS

    • Stocks in Action​

    • Filters like Top Gainers/Losers, Gap Up/Down, Most Volatile and Unusual Volume

    • Custom Filters to define specific rules to filter stocks on the move

  • MarketWatch

    • Live Market Data and Greeks for all F&O securities and Equities streaming into a customizable window

    • Supports multiple instances at the same time with thousands of securities so that you don't miss any action.

  • Risk Analysis and Risk Monitor

    • Comprehensive greek analysis of the open position​

    • Symbol wise greek aggregation. Live PnL analytics

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